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A letter from Representative Hayden’s wife Julie

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Julie Hayden

Dear House District 7,

I would like to introduce you to my husband, Cedric Ross Hayden.

Cedric grew up in Oregon in a lively house full of rambunctious boys and a wonderful sister.

His childhood was a busy one in which the family both worked hard together and enjoyed fun filled afternoons at the nearby creek. His family remains close and treasures their time together playing table games and enjoying fresh veggies from his mom Marilyn’s garden.

Cedric followed in his dad’s (Cedric Senior’s) footsteps becoming a dentist. In fact, his siblings also joined them in the health care field, with four becoming dentists, one physician, and a dental hygienists. Thanks to long hours and a lots of hard work Hayden Family Dentistry Group became Oregon’s first network providing statewide access to dental care. Over time Cedric found his passion working in the hospital with challenging cases consisting of mostly developmentally disabled adults. To this day he always comes home after these with a smile of satisfaction born out of knowing he improved someone’s smile.

Another passion of Cedric’s is fighting wildfire in the summer. Kygan, our four year old son, calls daddy “a working man” and can’t wait to join him on the “big toys.”

Cedric and I are also are the proud parents of a precious eight year old handicapped daughter who loves nothing more than watching out the window for daddy’s car coming up the driveway after a long day in Salem, where he serves as State Representative for District 7. She runs to the door, hugs him tightly and lovingly nestles into his arms. After sitting down he pulls her onto his lap and patiently recaps the day’s events to us all.

Camping in the backyard is a big event for us each summer. When the warm weather finally comes, Cedric and Wessen, our nine year old son, pitch a tent 50 feet from the back door, and my adventure loving, Everest climbing husband relaxes as we begin our weekly campouts. Thick air mattresses, piles of warm blankets, and lots of audio stories surround a loving family enjoying every moment they’re together.

I hope this little peek into our family helps you get to know your candidate better, and if you decide to support Cedric Hayden I know that he will serve with commitment and a passion to make Oregon the very best it can be.

 Julie signoff

P.S. For the Record

After many evenings and long conversations, Cedric has written or supported the following

legislation that is important to me and my family and likely to your family.

  • Toxic-Free Kids Act – Senate Bill 478 (2015) This law requires manufacturers of children’s products sold in Oregon to report products containing one or more high priority chemicals of concern for children’s health if found at or above specific levels in those products.
  • Melissa’s Law Senate Bill 1571 (2016) In 2015 the Oregon State Police reported 4,902 untested rape kits found across the state, this bill created the funding to end the backlog of rape kits. 2 years later, they’ve made a significant dent in the backlog. Additionally, we expanded this law with House Bill 4049 Enrolled (2018) to allow victims to track their SAFE kit.
  • ABLE Accounts – Senate Bill 777 (2105) ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. By 2018, more then 1000 people were utilizing ABLE accounts.
  • Oregon’s Equal Pay Act of 2017 – House Bill 2005 (2017) This enshrined the most comprehensive pay equity legislation in the country. It passed unanimously in both chambers after the original legislation was amended as part of a compromise between business and labor representatives.
  • Anti-Racial Profiling Bill – House Bill 2002 (2015) This law creates a system for people to report profiling incidents and requires law enforcement agencies to pass formal profiling bans.
  • Oregon Family Leave Act – House Bill 2600 (2015) It adds requirements to keep employer funded health insurance (if they provide health coverage) during protected leave like for child birth.based on what is important to our families.


As a wife, mom and daughter I am happy Cedric works with his fellow lawmakers in both sides.


P.O. Box 459      | Lowell, OR 97452

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