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Meet District 7: Randy Meyer

Meet District 7: Randy Meyer

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orphan with Randy photoRandy Meyer has what many would consider a Dream Job—at least to those that like to travel. As Executive Director of Caring Hands Worldwide and Caring Hands International in Fall Creek, Oregon, Randy has occasion to regularly travel the world coordinating free dental health care to thousands who would otherwise suffer endlessly from toothache, oral cancer, and other diseases.

Randy coordinates services and volunteers in clinics as widespread as Micronesia in the South Pacific, Zambia in Africa, Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, and Lane County, Oregon, which has its own Mobile Dental Clinic to provide free dental care to the uninsured and economically challenged.  He has also recently coordinated a health fair at the Lane County Fairgrounds which attracted about one thousand patients and hundreds of volunteers, as well as fairs in Spokane, Washington, Oakland, California, Pilot Rock, Oregon, and an upcoming one in Los Angeles, California, which will attract thousands of Patients. Randy accumulates a LOT of air miles.

At home in Fall Creek,  Randy has a bustling household where he hosts travelers coming and going on charity business, university students to whom he offers hospitality and free room, extended family members, and his beloved flock of 35 goats that manicure his small Fall Creek Farm. 

Randy had the travel urge before getting his current job.  After attending a one room school as a child in Fall Creek, he continued his education to obtain a Master of Social Work degree, which he promptly put to work in the remote Indigenous villages of Alaska. Following that stint, Randy and his wife Marta Prato assumed executive responsibilities at an orphanage in El Salvador for several years before returning home to Fall Creek.

We are proud to have Randy as a resident of District 7, and we wish him well in his business endeavors.

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